AGH Social Work

The AGH social foundation is a non profit making government registered organisation. It was established in 2010 and with the aid of dedicated volunteers strives constantly to improve the life chances of the poorest people in Nepal. To give some idea of the deprivation that exists especially in the mountains, 77% of the people of Nepal have to live on less than 2$ a day and in many rural areas farmers cannot manage to grow enough food to feed themselves for the complete year.

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Recent Events

Education improvement for children and young people in Katike Village

Fri, 01 Jul, 2011

Education improvement for children and young people in Katike Village

One of our first projects is in the village of Katike, fulkhara 2 Dhading, here we are focusing on improving the education for the children and young people. So far we have generated sufficient money to provide an addition teacher in the village school
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Donate Us

To our Sponsors and Donors:
AGH Nepal is purely charity based children welfare organization, which works with hundreds of children that hurl from different part of country, that has been deprived of all privileges and the family exist in a null source of income generating schemes. Mostly these children one way or the other are affected by different social structural issues and to other different factors. More privileges are given to the children from suppressed and marginalized communities, who have been deprived from all rights to live as human being.

AGH Nepal always welcomes your contribution in the following ways.

  • Individual sponsors for children.
  • Donation for necessary official equipments & expenses.
  • Educational materials such as books, pencils, crayons, pens etc.
  • Medical support / sponsorship.
  • Sponsor for monthly / yearly budget.
  • Donation for land, building, and bus.
  • Donation for vocational & life skill training programs.
  • Donation for clothing, homely materials etc for our orphanage center.

How to Make a Donation
Making donation to AGH Nepal is easy and can be made in any currency. Donations are transferred to our Nepal registered charities bank account. You can send us financial support from anywhere in the world to the AGH Nepal’s bank details given below and any types of gift in our mailing address.

Bank Account
Adventure Great Himalaya Treks & Expedition
US Dollar Account No: 010100020306
Paying Bank: BANK OF KATHMANDU, Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu Nepal.

We request all our sponsors and donors to notify us via email or phone whenever you send us your support to AGH Nepal.