AGH Social Work

The AGH social foundation is a non profit making government registered organisation. It was established in 2010 and with the aid of dedicated volunteers strives constantly to improve the life chances of the poorest people in Nepal. To give some idea of the deprivation that exists especially in the mountains, 77% of the people of Nepal have to live on less than 2$ a day and in many rural areas farmers cannot manage to grow enough food to feed themselves for the complete year.

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Recent Events

Education improvement for children and young people in Katike Village

Fri, 01 Jul, 2011

Education improvement for children and young people in Katike Village

One of our first projects is in the village of Katike, fulkhara 2 Dhading, here we are focusing on improving the education for the children and young people. So far we have generated sufficient money to provide an addition teacher in the village school
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Empowering women

Women are responsible for all heavy physical work, including farming and food production, which is done by hand.  There is no mechanised equipment, such as tractors. Women carry heavy loads up and down mountain paths on their backs.

It is common to see women felling trees with an axe, carrying heavy loads of

stones for house building, carrying water long distances, and collecting food in the forest for their livestock and carrying it back to where the animals are tethered (animals are generally not free to graze as land is too precious and is almost entirely given over to crop production). For much of these jobs, women are pregnant, breastfeeding a baby, or both, and many give birth to ten or more children due to the lack of contraception. Women particularly suffer from high malnutrition, as they are generally not allowed eat with the family – when their husband and children are finished eating, they only then eat what is left over.

These issues will be slowly addressed through the education programme we have established and the woman are being helped through the provision of an available supply of drinking water close or some times within their homes